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           The Luther’s home was known for its “open door.” At times the family had their own children along with the 4 orphans, relatives, boarders/students as well as invited guests under their roof.


           Some of Luther’s students compiled their memories from the Luther’s table into a collection known as Luther’s “Table Talk.” “Table Talk.” provides a less formal side of Martin Luther and life in the Luther household. Here are some:


“Young fellows are tempted by girls, men who are 30 years old are tempted by gold, when they are 40 years old they are tempted by honor and glory, and those who are 60 years old say to themselves, ‘What a pious man I have become!’ “


“God knows, I never thought of going as far as I did. I intended only to attack indulgences. If anybody had said to me when I was at the Diet of Worms, ‘In a few years you’ll have a wife and your own household,’ I wouldn’t have believed it.”


           (3) Conrad Cordatus said to Dr. Martin Luther, “Reverend Father, teach me in a brief way how to preach.” Luther responded  briefly, “First, you must learn to go up to the pulpit. Second, you should know that you should stay there for a time. Third, you must learn to get down again.”




In 1526, a year after Martin and Katie were married, their first child arrived - Johannes, known as Hans. The following year, 1527, came daughter Elizabeth, Magdalena followed in 1529, in 1531 Martin the younger was born. Paul was born in  1533 and Margaretha in 1534. Of the six children, four survived to adulthood - Hans, Martin the younger, Paul and Margaretha. Elizabeth died in 1528 before she reached 8 months old and sadly Magdalena died at the age of 13. Losing young children was a burden shared by many families during the 16"' century. Hans became a lawyer and later a government official. Paul became a famous doctor. Young Martin studied theology but never became a pastor, dying young at age 33. Margaretha married a nobleman. in addition to their children, Martin and Katie raised 4 orphan children.