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             Sunday, October 1: On this day we will gather with Christians around the world at the Lord's Table. Worship is at St. James Lutheran Church at 10:30 A.M.



             Most of you are familiar with Martin Luther. You know his story. On October 31, 1517, he nailed to the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany the Ninety-Five Theses. This marked the beginning of the Protestant Reformation. From that day on Martin Luther faced many trials and persecution. But instead of retelling the story of his life, let us take a look at what Martin Luther has to say to us living in the 21st  century.


1.     It is said that Martin Luther redíscovered the Gospel. This may be an over-statement, but Luther knew the truth that we are saved not by works but      by grace. How good must a person be in order to get into heaven? From reading God's Word, especially the book of Romans, Luther proclaimed, along with St. Paul, that we are saved by what God has done for us in Jesus Christ and not by what we do.



2.   Luther translated The Bible into the language of the people. Because of Luther, the Word of God became available not to just a few, but to all. Too bad that in this day and age so many choose not to read God's Word.


3.          Luther emphasized the importance of congregational singing. Luther wrote   many hymns, the most famous being “A Mighty Fortress ls Our God,” based on Psalm 46. Too bad that in this day and age many do not attend church to sing  praises to God.


4.          Luther was concerned with Christian Education and he wrote many books and  articles such as the Large and Small Catechism to help people grow in their   faith and knowledge of God. Too bad that in this day and age many people  neglect using these tools that can help them grow in their faith.


5,Luther wrote of the "Priesthood of Believers.” In Luther's time, a person would go to the priest and confess his sins; and the priest would serve as a go-between with the person and God. Luther realized that you do not need a go-between, that you can go directly to God to confess your sins and to share with him all your needs and concerns. Luther also proclaimed that not everyone is in              the ordained měnistry, but that all are called to serve God wherever God may      have called them. Too bad that in this day and age many are too busy seeking           after money and pleasure that they forget their call to seek and to serve the         Lord.


             As you can see, Luther is just not a figure to be remembered from the past, but that he is an individual that still speaks to us living in the 21st century.





                                                             See you in church,

                                                                                     Pastor Paul N. Frank, Jr. 





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