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Although St. James, the congregation, is over 260 years old, St. James, the building, is just 120 years old. On Sunday, September 23, 1894, St James was dedicated and the dedication was followed with a week of services in which different pastors from York participated.


The twentieth century brought changes to the church building. A picture of Luther was removed from the pulpit, probably before 1920, and a painting of Christ in Gethsemane by local artist, Wayne Crumling, placed on the wall.




St. James Lutheran Church

Hellam, Penna.

Dedicated September 23, 1894

The pipe organ was added to the church in 1936 during the pastorate of Glenn T. Hafer. Even though the 30ís were Depression years and money was very tight, there were many in the congregation who unselfishly sought to place an organ into the church. To that end, they collected nickels, dimes, quarters, fifty cent pieces, and an occasional dollar. By 1936, enough money was collected and F. J. Furst of York was commissioned to design and build an organ. A variety of parts were used, both old and new, including a Model T starter. The cost of the organ at that time was $1,050.00.

In 1950 the building was altered with an addition of a basement which was dug out by members of the congregation during 1948 and 1949.


The following are some changes or events that have occurred at St. James since the 100th Anniversary in 1994:


August 1994 -- Exterior of church painted


June 1995 -- New roof installed


June 1999 -- Copier purchased in memory of Mary Bartholomew


July 1999 --Steeple restored in Memory of Sue M. Dietz


November 1999 -- Narthex renovated in memory of Mildred Ebersole


December 1999 -- Ladiesí Room renovated


January 2000 --Cupola and flashing around chimney renewed in in memory of Sue M. Dietz


September 2000 -- Resettlement of the Zozulya family from Ukraine, coordinated with the East York Cluster


September 2001 -- Sunday School/Social Room and† Nursery renovated plus a new furnace installed


May 2002 -- Parlor and Reference Room renovated


January 2003 --Lot on corner of W. Market St. and Emig St., adjacent to our original lot, purchased


July 2003 -- Ninety padded folding chairs purchased


September 2003 -- Interim Pastor shared with Our Saviourís† Lutheran Church


June 2004 -- Exterior of Church painted


Summer 2004 --Lot on corner of W. Beaver St. and Emig St. anticipated to be purchased


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